Mountain Climbing

Sunday October 11 Well, today was really just a nothing kind of day. We spent it in front of computers and iPads, trying to finalise arrangements, plans and bookings for the remainder of the trip. We still didn’t get everything done, but made some progress with the things that need doing. We did stop for elevenses... Continue Reading →

I Think We’re in a Hitchcock Movie!

Thursday, October 8 Sometimes the mundane gets in the way of the interesting. Today's ride was held up slightly by the Code Orange laundry situation. We'd been having some trouble finding a lavandaria, so when we located one that was on our route out of Rovigo, we decided to take the opportunity while it presented... Continue Reading →

Sheltering and Shivering

What’s that I hear out the window? Is it? Open the curtains and take a glance at…the rain! Oh well, we did have sunshine yesterday, so here we go again with the sun being swiftly followed by rain. We packed up, zipped into our slicks, hopped on the bikes and pedalled out into the soggy... Continue Reading →

The Storm Before the Sun

Sunday, October 4 What was that I was saying about being drenched!? Why did I use those words! We had planned to ride on today, but with the morning greeting us with pouring rain and storms forecast throughout the day, we decided to dodge the rain and lightning completely and sit it out for another... Continue Reading →

Venezia Vistas

Our friendly hotel put on a magnificent breakfast spread for us, so we filled up on muesli and fruit and toast and headed out into another windy, chilly, grey day to continue our Italian adventure. Venezia was ours to explore. We walked the short distance to the train station and on arrival, discovered that it... Continue Reading →

Boo Woo Woo, Get Outa Town!

“I think we’re in England again,” said Steve as we rode into another grey, chilly and windy day. Yes, there were certainly some features of today’s ride that were quite similar to those we were doing a couple of months ago. It was a little bit warmer though, it was 14C! We got off to... Continue Reading →

Embracing the Ordinary

This little journey we are on isn’t all milestones, scenery, discoveries and pedalling through new and amazing places, sometimes it’s just about doing something ordinary. Today was that day. A day of housekeeping, chores and just spending time in the very ordinary, mundane activities of life! Consequently there isn’t much to report about today. I... Continue Reading →

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