Roaming Around That Big Nut

Yes, the blog is back. It’s been a while. Quite a while. It’s time to resurrect one’s jottings of experiences and give them a place on the blog page once again. Steve and I have decided to toddle off on another run, ride, roam adventure next year, hitting the pedals again to scale hill and... Continue Reading →

Home Life And Bike Life

I’ve had a few people ask me if there were going to be any updates on our life post-grand tour. So, here goes. I think it’s called an adjustment period. That time when your body is in one place but your mind is far, far away. I’m still in that phase. Steve has returned to... Continue Reading →

The Homecoming

Countdown to Arrival: 2 Days Time to psych myself up for another day of flying. Another day of hoping the plane goes up and down where it’s supposed to and when it’s supposed to and most definitely does not come down at any time or place that is not scheduled! We made it through check-in... Continue Reading →

Up, Up and Away

D Day - Departure day! Last minute checks of bits and pieces, a morning spent with parents just taking it easy and spending time at home for the last time for a while. Then many goodbyes to little Rosie dog and off to the grand Devonport Airport we went. The moment of truth…check-in…the scales…would we... Continue Reading →

Preparing to Leave

    Now, I get the whole “packing light” thing. I travel a lot and I’ve managed to get the technique pretty  down pat. However, throw in the added curve balls of trying to think of a year’s worth of needs to pack and the limitation of having a couple of bikes that already take... Continue Reading →

The Grand Tour

“You’re doing what!?? On a what!!?? For how long!!??”  That was something like the response we got when we explained to people that we had decided to take a year off to cycle around Europe. That was then followed by comments that ranged from, “How exciting” to “I can’t think of anything worse.” My feelings... Continue Reading →

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